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Ed Story presents Off the Beatle Track
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Ed Story and
Sir Paul McCartney


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Beatles and music from and relating to the beatles, including interviews, listener requests and specials (ie. birthdays, anniversaries)


Ed Story and Kutcha Edwards

Norm Stanley-Renowned Didgeridoo Player

BeRKaNa Tuesdays 8PM
Berkana is a show for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music, interviews and community announcements. The show is supported by the Aboriginal Program Exchange Collingwood.



Ed Story and Ross Wilson

Ed Story has been presenting the "Saturday Club", for the last 15 years @ Melton Community Radio, 97.9fm on your Local Radio Dial playing a mix of
classic hits and Top 40, including requests and dedications. If you wish to request a song or a dedication then visit
Song Requests, or Phone me every Saturday Night from 9PM Australian Eastern Standard Time on

+61 3 9 747 8500

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